Let’s just get one thing off my chest here…

11 03 2008


Weather: High- 33 Degrees with possible flurries

Had to work on Saturday so nothing done outside of that. Bri cooked me a fantastic dinner of fettuccine, shitake mushrooms and lots of garlic& Lemon. EXCELLENT. We watched Torchwood and Graham Norton and went to bed with dread of the morning. Sunday was a wash as I was having …issues and so we did a little house cleaning and settled in to watch the Brit Awards over salmon & veggies. Did I mention my hubby is an excellent cook?

Monday….the whole day is in the shitter. Half the printers in the office stopped working, I got into a verbal altercation with a broker and a lot of other people are pitching fits because their computers look different.  Which ::smacks Forehead:: is SOOO unexpected after a weekend of updates. Grr.

Mind you this was all after a morning that started with a spider crawling in the shower with me, my train being a half hour late and dealing with cramps that had me doubled over. NOT a good morning to be picking a fight with me.

Anyway. Managed to survive the day with a minimum of bloodshed and my job still intact. Miracles never cease.
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