My horoscope strikes again…

10 03 2008

Weather: High- 29 (GAH!) and scattered snow…you know what? Screw them. We haven’t seen a lick of snow since last weekend.

Daily OM had this to say about my day today– Think I’ll have to follow this advice for definite. (emphasis Mine)

Thinking Productive Thoughts
Capricorn Daily Horoscope

You may feel aimless and scattered as your attention is pulled in many directions today. You might be struggling with a heavy workload and too many demands on your time, or you might be confused and overwhelmed by obstacles in your personal endeavors. Since trying to focus on too many thoughts at once can exacerbate confusion, you might find it beneficial to spend some time releasing unnecessary worries and concerns. Simply find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed, and focus first on emptying your mind of all thoughts. Allow your awareness to rest in serenity and peace and feel this essence filling you with calmness. You can then choose to embrace only thoughts that are conducive to productivity and optimism and enjoy a greater sense of control over your activities today.

By freeing our minds of cluttered thoughts, we enjoy increased clarity and focus that enable us to stay on track with our objectives. While hectic surroundings can contribute to a scattered mind-set, we also might have the tendency to worry more than we need to and make our sense of being overwhelmed worse. By consciously releasing cluttered thoughts and placing our awareness solidly on serenity and peace, we are able to balance our emotions and focus with clarity on our present activities. Not only are we then able to complete our tasks quickly and easily but we also feel less stressed while we do so. Taking control of your scattered thoughts can bring back the focus and calm you need to be productive today.

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Well, I have to work all day tomorrow. Which is not a pleasant thought but for the overtime pay. And Sunday we lose an hour. Which doesn’t bode well for my getting additional rest. SIGH.

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