So..Another Tuesday with Snow on the horizon….

4 03 2008

Weather: High–31 degrees  with wind and snow showers. WINDCHILL-9 degrees!! GAH!

I’m beginning to sense a trend.

At work today, took about 2 hours to thaw out. Wind chill is just killer out there today!

Turns out I have to come into work this Saturday. Sigh. The joys of being in IT when there’s massive updates to do. Can’t really complain as I get overtime (time + half) for all the hours I work. Gods know we need the money right now.

On a cheerier note, my characters are starting to yell at me again. Time to sit down and get some writing done. (Yes Brian, I can hear you yelling “it’s about time!” )

Also? Work is made of FALE. But then this is Tuesday. How could it be any different?

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