A Rainy Monday/Post Weekend Wrap up

4 03 2008

Weather: Sat: High-35 & Cloudy;
Sun: High- 61!!! and sunny;
TODAY: High-35 (Sinking to 20s) with rain/snow mix. GRUMBLE!

SO Lots to talk about and little time to type. What a conundrum.

Well in a nutshell, this weekend was both busy and full of slack.

Saturday was spent running around and doing the grocery shopping and cleaning the bathroom, which resulted in a few hours of difficult breathing and headaches. We were both exhausted from all the stuff we got done, so Bri went out and got Subway for dinner and we settled in to watch Torchwood, which was made of AWESOME– welcome back Martha Jones!

A quick interjection: We have been in a rather contentious situation with our Wedding photographer. Our wedding was October 2005. We received our proofs in late November 2005. We passed the photos around to our family to get their selections, but ultimately everything was put on hold when my dad got sick, then ultimately passed away. By July of 2006, we were finally ready to take care of the photos now with added motivation because they were the last photos of my dad still alive.

This is where things got ugly. Our photographer got in a car wreck and proceeded to drop off the face of the earth for TWO YEARS. We made several efforts to contact him, via e-mail and phone and even threatened him with legal action. Still nothing. 2 1/2 years later and we have NO wedding photos.

Then out of the blue, two Saturdays ago, we get a letter from a Lawyer.  Not to present a legal issuance or to present action against us, but a two page letter of APOLOGY and an offer– The money we had paid towards an album would now get us 2 dvds of all the photos he had taken, untagged, so we could go to ANY photo place and get as many made as we wanted. (One DVD is usually $700, he gave us TWO!) . Needless to say, we called immediately and as of this last Saturday–we finally have our Wedding photos.    In addition, the photographer gave us, gratis, two large retouched photos, in NICE frames. One was of me and Bri at the altar, and the other was of me and my dad, before we walked down the aisle. The latter one had me in tears.

So one debacle that has been hanging over our heads is FINALLY done.

And I realized something.  Brian actually picked a good time to get laid off. We just had a 3 paycheck month,  (so one wasn’t sucked up by mortgage payments) and we have a tax refund coming. So there will be little windfalls here and there.

Hopefully his unemployment won’t be long. ::crosses fingers::




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