Murky Monday…

31 03 2008

Saturday: 47 degrees and cloudy
Sunday: 45 degrees and partly cloudy
Today: High-57 degrees and just effin murky!

The weather is making me feel MEH!

Had a bit of a scare with Miss Apache over the weekend. She’s developed a lump in the same location she had the polyp located. Considering the biopsy came back malignant carcinoma, you can imagine my worry about it recurring. The vet was concerned, but agreed we should start conservatively. It was a possibility that she had a piece of suture that didn’t dissolve that might have caused an infection. So we were given antibiotics and told to continue using the antiseptic powder we already had. Hopefully this will clear up the problem. If not, the words “Aggressive surgery” were mentioned. I hope it doesn’t come to that because I don’t think her wee body can take much more of this. She’s lost a bit of weight, bot more than likely its from all the exercise of play and chasing. I’ll keep repeating that until I believe it. 😦

Have been writing again. Only a few paragraphs this time. But as my hubby says, it’s better than nothing at all.


Neat stuff I’ve stumbled across while surfing today.

  1. Excavation starts at Stonehenge
    And related: Unlocking Stonehenge’s secrets
    This is fascinating, considering its the first excavation there in EVER.
  2. So Darn Normal : Looks like Pagans are becoming pedestrian, as we’re getting more and more non-attacking journalistic coverage. Who’d a thunk it?
  3. Hypatia Comes to the Screen : A movie about the Library of Alexandria? I AM SO THERE!
  4. Depeche Mode return to studio with U2 producer Ben Hillier while Gahan wants to stop old suicide rumours There is not enough squee in the world.
  5. This movie sounds FREAKIN’ AWESOME!: Legion
  6. ANd just for sheer amusement: (AWESOME title)
    Zombie Strippers will Lapdance on Your Grave!
  7. Neat Neat Neat Idea: We Tell Stories 6 authors are tasked with telling a story through internet media. Check out “21 Steps” that tells its story using Google Earth!
  8. CBS Chief:” Please Kill American Idol” May be the only time I agree with Moonves on ANYTHING.

Anyway…Hope everyone is having a good day!

::crawls back to the pit at Mordor::

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A goose on my grave

27 03 2008

Ever have one of those moments…where you get a little shiver for no reason? The moments when someone comments, “Did a goose just walk over your grave?”

I seem to be having them a lot lately.

Usually in my experience, they signify a ripple in the force, in the fabric of my existence. Like something happening just out of the view of you peripheral vision. I’ve been wondering if some major shift is coming…

Short today. Must ponder.

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Awash in the debris of the aftermath…

26 03 2008

Weather: High-51 degrees (WOOT!) and partly sunny!

Well, watching Hurricane Red Psycho wreck havoc across the Land of LJ, kinda felt like deja vu. Not going to make much more commentary on this topic, as I’m sure it would only serve to stoke the fires. And I’m anything but a low down fire stoker.

Just suffice it to say, more people need to pay attention to this:

11 ways to stop energy vampires:

  1. Limit the amount of time you spend with energy vampires. The less time you’re together, the less positive energy you’ll lose.
  2. Learn effective ways to end conversations with energy vampires (eg, I only have ten minutes to talk.”)
  3. Stay calm and detached from energy vampires. Don’t let their negative energy consume you.
  4. Be honest about your needs (eg, “I need this time to work/read/relax/exercise.”)
  5. Refrain from attempting to rescue them or fix an energy vampire’s problems.
  6. Practice walking away from energy vampires.; the more you do it, the easier it gets.
  7. Limit eye contact with energy vampires.
  8. Avoid being in close spaces with energy vampires (elevators, cars, etc). Negative energy is catching.
  9. Define and guard your personal space from energy vampires.
  10. Tell energy vampires you feel uncomfortable discussing particular people or circumstances.
  11. Stand up for yourself and your boundaries! Your time, positive energy, and resources are precious and should be closely guarded from energy vampires.

Work is a big pile of tedium and stress right now. We need some more hands on deck, that’s for sure.

Bri and I spent the entire eveningwith the tv off last night. No music, just peace and quiet. I did a little e-mailing and research, he made me dinner and did some Mac work. The kittens were confused.

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Hmmm….I sense a disturbance in the force.

25 03 2008

Weather: High- 53 and possible showers & wind. (And I forgot my umbrella! OY!)

Lots of drama going on behind the scenes over at LJ. Nothing worth noting here though. Some friends have finally seen the light about an ex-friend of mine. Nuff Said.

Terri and Keith have thrown the wedding planning machine in high gear. Bri and I will be flying in on a Thursday and out on wither Monday or Tuesday, which ever is cheaper.  Hopefully I’ll have lost a gazillion pounds by then. Seriously.

REALLY looking forward to the trip!

Hoping to get some writing done tonight. Bri has been sending out resumes at lightning pace and actually has extended his job search nationally.

Had my review today. Boss just shrugged and said, “I got no complaints.” and gave me my raise. WOOT!  It’s not anything to write home about, but it’s more and that’s always helpful.

Anyway. Not much of substance today, maybe more tomorrow.

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It’s a Charlotte Sometimes kinda day….

24 03 2008

WEather update:

Friday: High- 37 & Sleety. Yuck.
Saturday: High- 37 & Partly Cloudy
Sunday: High – 39 & Mostly sunny!
Monday: High -42 & Sunny!

Well this weekend was a nice reprieve from last weeks stress debacle.

Friday we had off, and Bri and I slept in till 10 which was nice. We cleaned house and I made cookies. Later Lisa came over and we had a nice dinner and then did circle work. Nice to get back in the pagany swing of things again.  I know for myself I was able to draw a lot of energy for once. I sent some out to those in need and did my best to clear my own pathways. we all wrote down the things that needed clearing out on paper and dosed them liberally with juju powder before burning them in the fireplace. Was cleansing all around.

Saturday woke up feeling punky, probably an after effect of all the energy work.  Did some writing and later in the day went out to dinner with the Brother in Law and his girlfriend.  Very nice time, though Bri and I both ate too much, which came back to haunt us HORRIBLY. Digestive issues are NOT a fun way to spend your evening…especially when you had other activities planned. 😦

Sunday we awoke feeling much better and were off to the Mother Unit’s domicile for the “Mayonnaise Buffe” as my lovely hubby calls it.  We have a full Scandinavian smörgåsbord on Easter, complete with open faced sandwiches and pickled herring and eggs galore. VERY tasty, but dear gods above did my cholesterol level soar after all that! (NOM NOM NOM!)

We got home about 7 ish, but all in all it was a nice weekend.

Will be spending today catching up at work and trying to get some writing done over the lunch hour.


New bands to reccie: Ludo & Liam Finn, both of which I discovered on the MTVU playlist over the weekend. Cool bands both.  Ludo is kind of in the vein of Harvey Danger and Liam Finn is just a sprkly spangly pop rtist from New Zealand. Check out “Love Me Dead” by Ludo and “Second Chance” By Liam Finn for good samples.

Oh and added a playlist to my MySpace profile filled with goodies.

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Happy Ostara/Spring Equinox!

20 03 2008

Weather: High–47 & partly sunny w/ Snow on the horizon.

Well Spring has finally shown up. Not that you could tell from the weather, OY!

Bri and I will be visiting the Mom unit and the rest of my motley family  this Sunday for our traditional Easter Brunch/Pigs at the Trough contest.

Tomorrow night we well be at our pagany best to celebrate Ostara and the Full Moon with some ritual and energy raising.  We are rusty so hopefully so lets hope for a flame rather than a sputter. 🙂

Weather has just taken a turn for the worse. They’re predicting 8 bloody inches of snow by Saturday. GAH!!!


Leaving the office in about an hour, so I’m cutting this short. I’ll post again from home tonight. 🙂

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::Tentatively pokes head out::

19 03 2008

Weather: High- 41 degrees & cloudy

SO far so good, Nothing blowded up this morning, but it’s still early.

Exhausted this morning and suffering from sharp pains in both my feet and ankles. Not exactly helped by my eight block hike to the office.

Been a slow morning so far, but not complaining.

Have Friday off for Good Friday, though being the good little pagan I am, there will be circles raised for the Full Moon and the Equinox and much making of the magicks will be had.

Short post today. More later if something comes up….

Writing is in full effect over lunch today.

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It’s only 9 am and I want a Do-Over!

18 03 2008

Weather: High 45 and rainy and dreary!

Posting hiatus today, because the boss is out, and the satellite office’s phones are down and my co-workers are needy little pains in the butt.


So will post tonight while decompressing over a vat of vodka and a straw.

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Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Duit (Happy St. Patrick’s Day!)

17 03 2008

Weather: Saturday- 45 degrees & Overcast;
Sunday: High-36 Degrees and partly Sunny.
Today: High – 43 & scattered showers.

Yes. The weekend was meh, weather wise. Saturday, Bri and I had dental appointments where I found out, among other things, that I will need a crown on one of my smaller teeth. GAH! They briefly mentioned ROOT CANAL, but then recanted much to my relief. Most of Saturday was taken up with errand running, but we managed to carve some time out to go over and have dinner with Lisa and Tom. Always a good evening with them.

Sunday was quiet. We slept in late and spent most of the day slacking. I got some writing done, well, more editing than writing. Also cleaned up some stuff on Live Journal. Need to start weeding that out again.  Eventually, I’ll probably start scaling back on my posting there. Not like anyone comments anyway. [/bitter]

Today, St. Patricks Day. Heh. Married me an Irishman. So I’m wearing green because, yes, I have some Irish in me. At least on most nights. (Sorry– dirty joke for the Monday was required.)

Now, some random musing that will inevitably get lengthy, so putting behind the veil…

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Friday AT LAST!!

14 03 2008

Weather: High- 54 degrees & partly cloudy.

Well this week has sucked big donkey balls. And that’s putting it lightly.

Boss has been in permanent grump mode. And now that we’re one less in my department, things are busier than ever and people are less patient than ever.  Beginning to really despise some of my co-workers. Not a good mindset to have.

On the home front, Bri is still in search of the elusive job.  The kitties are getting along better, though there is still the occasional wrestling/yowling match.

Have a dentist appointment tomorrow. Woo. HATE going to the dentist.

Latest band obsession? MGMT. Very old school psychedelia wall of sound music with the brit pop sweetness overlaying. Me Likey. Video is like a acid trip.  Other bands getting a lot of airtime lately: Neil Smith, who Jack turned me onto. VERY cool.  Love his Depeche Mode reinterpretations and his original stuff is awesome as well.

Bri’s taking me out for dinner tonight. This week is about to be put to bed, THANK THE BENEVOLENT DEITIES!

Next week is a full one: Boss is out 2 days, St.Patrick’s Day (I’ll try and get shots of the Chicago River dyed Green), Ostara, Easter, Full Moon… LOTS AND LOTS of stuff to do!

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