Wednesday…and the hump is incredibly high this morning.

27 02 2008

Weather: High — 25 degrees/ Windy & cloudy 

So first day as a sugar mama. Heh.

Bri is taking the situation by the horns and shaking it, so kudos to him. We’ve both been through the unemployment wringer before so we know what mistakes to avoid and what methods work best.


So, Bri has gotten his unemployment squared away and now we just need to find him a job. I imagine the fact that he gives a good lapdance may eventually come into play, but let’s start with something a little higher scale. VBEG.

I told him to widen his job search, thereby making it possible that if a job from Seattle or Portland or Michigan comes knocking, we have a good reason to get the hell outta Dodge. We’re both just weary of this constant series of setbacks.

Put the whining behind the cut here. Really worn out lately. Just want SOMETHING positive to happen. I’m trying really hard to get over this constant hill of feeling dread. If I could just get a handle on it, I might beable to turn the whining bus around.

I heard from a much wiser person than myself that the best way to gain success is to live like you are one and it just happens. Maybe I should try that for a while. That and get some damn writing done!

Well this is posting fale today.

Something more substantial tomorrow.

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