Why yes, that would be bitterness. Just step over the puddle of venom there…

25 02 2008

Weather: High–34 degrees & Snow/Rain/Wind 

Haven’t even really started the day yet and things are already going into the lovely pit of despair.

Bri and I woke up with stuffed noses and watery eyes. Neither of which improved the “Oh Crap its MONDAY” mood.

Kitties are still treating each other with distrustful distance, but getting better. Snoots isn’t chasing Apache as much, and she seems to be less skittish around him. Maybe they’re FINALLY getting along? ::crosses fingers::

Boss is out of the office and already all the minions of hell brokers in my office are circling, trying to see if they can slip crap by me that my boss would kibosh. Seems like the amnesia’s kicking in. I’ve been here 5 years now and they seem to forget that I’m more mean and less likely to bend the rules for them than he is. Heh. Love being the baddie sometimes.

Working on Chapters 11 and 12 of the untitled story. (really have to rectify that!) and will probably print out some more of “Dark of the Mirror” in order to do some seriously brutal editing. SIGH. Really not a good idea to patch together old bits and new bits to make a story when some of the old bits are directly contradicting the new bits. DOUBLE SIGH.

Bri is retooling the Einini site to reflect more where we are going with it. Originally it was going to be focused on international writing systems and languages. Bri want’s to start gearing it up to reflect our as-yet-to-be-started business. We would like to eventually have an online store for purchasing organic and homeopathic lotions, soaps, medicinal teas and the like. We hope to be growing our own ingredients once we move and have the land to produce the stuff. (Like lavender, eucalyptus and other herbs, in case the DEA is snooping. No illegal stuff here. )

I’m gonna also have my own website hosted as a sub site of the Einini site. Hopefully there I can post some excerpts of my books and do some other blogging type things. This is all a work in progress. We’ll see how it goes.

Anyway– will post more later.

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