Weekend Update

24 02 2008

Weather: Saturday & Sunday- upper 30s and Sunny both days. Woo!

Saturday was a rollercoaster. Up at 7:30 with two quite vocal demanding kitties, and thus the day started. After a lovely breakfast with the hubby and a bit of “what blowded up in the world” (our terms for watching the news in the morning), had a lengthy political discussion with my mum, which is always invigorating, or terrifying according to Brian. Oddly enough my pretty strictly conservative mother and my rather bedwetting liberal self are on the same side when it comes to the FALE that is our government. Bri went off and ran errands and I did some laundry. So far so sedate. We had made plans to go over to see our friends Lis and Tom for dinner– Duck a l’orange, no less! So we did a little house cleaning and then started to get ready. I dyed my hair again, just a few shades darker. So well coiffed and dressed, I was going to feed our cats, and thus headed downstairs to the basement. Well, that was my intent. Instead, my foot went out from under me at the top of stairs and down I went, bumpity bump, luckily landing 4 steps down on the landing before the full steps downstairs. Landed on my hip, and uncomfortably on my left hand. Nothing major, some bruises and a bit of a strain on my hand, and a nice blow to my pride. SIGH.

Luckily Snoots wasn’t right underfoot where he usually is, and escaped getting crushed under my tumbling mass. Nine lives, still intact.

Anyway, we ended up over at Lis & Tom’s until 2 ish, had a most enjoyable evening and slept like the dead once we got home.

Today, I bollocksed off to Meijers after breakfast, picked up a new bag for lugging my crap to work and a few odds and ends. Bri is suffering from the SINUS CONGESTION FROM HELL! And therefore is not exactly bouncing around with energy.

This evening, spent a bit of time shaving sweaters (Are you slitting your wrists now from the sheer mundaneness of this post?) and watching the 8th Doctor Who movie (the one that Fox broadcast starring Paul McGann) and Brian made a FANTASTIC dinner of fettucine noodles with tofu, arugala, shitake mushrooms and a sauce that included a ton of grated ginger and minced garlic! SOOOO GOOD!!

So now, I m reading live blogging of the Oscar’s while watching the Oscars. I’m kooky that way. Jon Stewart is KILLING! and I literally SHRIEKED when Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova won for “Falling Slowly” from Once. No, I haven’t seen the film yet (and I should be duly flogged for that) but of all the songs nominated, it was the only one I had any emotional connection to. I know Enchanted was a good film, but did it really deserve THREE songs to be nominated? I would rather have seen Eddie Vedder’s song from Into the Wild nominated in place of one of those Disney songs. Sorry. Too many years of bloated, overblown production numbers. Glad to see a simple, beautiful song won. Good on em.

Anyway– I’m off to prep the coffee and head off to bed with Grumpypants, who is still sniffling.

Fun week ahead. Boss is on vaca and I’m left minding the asylum. SIGH.

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