Friday! My dear old friend!

22 02 2008

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Friday FINALLY! This week has been made of fale all way round, between 3 hour train commutes and pulled back muscles and various work related drama.

SIGH. This weekend looks to be a melange of housecleaning and writing and getting some packages put together for people. Hopefully we can get ONE weekend that isn’t crap in the weather department.

I’m finding that Livejournal is again waning in interest for me. I spend more time at the communities than the journals. With a rare few exceptions, mind you. Maybe it’s just a sign that I’m getting to that age where I really am less interested in group input on my day to day life. ::shrugs:: There are a couple of people that I still read with any eagerness, but a lot of friends are also elsewhere and I’m finding I have a premium on free time anymore to keep up. Work is demanding a LOT of my focus now and there is less “goof off ” time than there was before. A large number of people who were on my original FList are either no longer in my life or have left LJ altogether. It’s the nature of things, I guess. I spend more time at the SD forum and in e-mail anyway.

On a totally OT note, last night’s LOST was made of AWESOME! Man have the writers’ been bringing out the big Plot guns lately! So many twists and I swear for the first time since Season 2 am I EXCITED about this show again. Sucks that I have to miss Supernatural because of the timing, but there’s always my good friend i-Tunes to make that up for me.

Torchwood has been made of WIN this season so far and I am practically panting for the new season of Doctor Who in April. New Top Gear eps on Monday- Squee! Sad that there is so little quality TV that even piques my interest lately.

On the movie tip, will probably finally plop down and watch “Daywatch” tonight from zee Netflix. It’s the sequel to “Nightwatch” which is fantastic in it’s own right. A Russian made vampire film, who’d a thunk? They even did CGI on the SUBTITLES for the film. And it’s a very unique take on the war between dark and light. LOVE this series. We also have The Namesake & The Island to watch. I want to get these watched and back since my queue has a bunch of films lined up I’m dying to see as well. (Across the Universe, Elizabeth: The Golden Age, 30 Days of Night…etc)

On the reading front, I’m still wading through “Lick of Frost” from the Merry Gentry series and have about a gajillion books on the back burner. I’ve ordered “Nevermore” -my friend Keith DeCandido’s Supernatural tie-in novel, which I hold vested interest in because I was a beta reader for the manuscript. 🙂

Music? I’m still all over the place there. Thanks to my lovely friend Jack, who exposed me to the crack that is Amiestreet , I am starting to get hooked on unsigned and newer bands. Been listening to the usual amounts of EBM (VNV! Ronan? Where’s the damn “Restoration” EP already???) and a lot of Brit Pop bands. Not much of a change in other words. Have Siouxsie’s Mantaray on order as well. Have heard two singles off it and loved them. Closer to Creatures stuff than Banshees.

Gearing up for Keith (see above) and Terri’s wedding in June in New York, although the funds are gonna be tight after we book the flight and hotel. Then there’s my sister’s wedding in October to still plan. Lots on the plate.

Snoots and Apache seem to have reached a sort of tentative detent, where Snoots will only chase her when her back is turned. :shakes head: I was kinda worried about him chasing her and, with her cataracts & arthritis & lack of claws, her getting hurt. Then after one particularly loud and boisterous romp around the basement, Snoots was carted off to time out and I went to check on Miss Apache, I was rather amused to see she had a tuft of grey hair in her mouth. Apparently she can still take care of herself.

Anyway–must go spend some time on the WIP novel and get some actual work done today. Database entry. Be still my heart.

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22 02 2008

I’m still up in the air over about half of Mantaray. It’s not the songs for me, but the production. I can’t put my finger on it.

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