Oh! Thank the benevolent deities its Freitag!!

29 02 2008

Weather: High- 37 degrees with scattered Snow Flurries 

First off, and apropos, the Daily Om Horoscope for me says thus:

Unveiling Your Path
Capricorn Daily Horoscope

The desire to create a more meaningful life can drive you to step back from worldly concerns in order to make a mental survey of the recesses of your soul today. You may also be in a contemplative mood and ready to confront issues you have avoided for long stretches of time. In the peace of your private personal sanctuary, you’ll likely discover that your search for meaning involves an exploration of your inner complexities that takes you into the past, present, and future. If you allow yourself to follow the twisting paths of your soul, you can encounter significance where you least expected to find it. As you contemplate your life today, you will likely discover that the meaning you seek has been within you all along.

It is only when we actively seek to understand the composition of our lives that we can begin to truly comprehend the experiences that give meaning to our existence. Often, we expect life to be meaningful as a matter of course and encounter disappointment when we discover that life-changing events seems to progress in a haphazard fashion. Reflection is the act of thinking critically about that which has happened to you, is happening to you, and will happen to you. When you examine events in a analytical fashion, you begin to see that there your life follows a linear and logical progression. As you assess where you have been, your path is unveiled. When you reflect upon who you are and who you wish to become today, your personal journey will take on a new significance.

Couldn’t read better words today, FOR REALS!! Those of you who know me in Real Life know that this has been my struggle for a long time. I know vaguely what I want to be doing, I have several ideas where I want to go in life, and I know without any doubts in my head that I’m NOT where I should be. The corker is trying to figure out how to GET there. I firmly believe that we all have a path. Not necessarily a DESTINY mind you, because I think the end of the journey is incidental. I think its the journey that we’re SUPPOSED to go on that eludes most people. This is why we have many people leading lives of “quiet desperation”. It’s that gnawing feeling that the cogs in the wheels are not quite clicking into place in your life as time goes by. And it has little to do with material gain or personal reputation. It goes much deeper than that.

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Musing on the concept posting online…

28 02 2008

Weather: High – 28 degrees & sunny

I know this is usually a match to the gasoline topic, but lately I’ve been thinking about what it really means to be “friends” online.

I am one of those crotchety old people who remember when the internet was only available through college campuses and the military. So when this whole concept of the WWW and it’s ensuing sub-niches like IRC, Gopher and “Message Boards” started up, it seemed like a neat way to communicate with like minded people –i.e. other geeks who liked the same geeky things I did. 🙂

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Wednesday…and the hump is incredibly high this morning.

27 02 2008

Weather: High — 25 degrees/ Windy & cloudy 

So first day as a sugar mama. Heh.

Bri is taking the situation by the horns and shaking it, so kudos to him. We’ve both been through the unemployment wringer before so we know what mistakes to avoid and what methods work best.


So, Bri has gotten his unemployment squared away and now we just need to find him a job. I imagine the fact that he gives a good lapdance may eventually come into play, but let’s start with something a little higher scale. VBEG.

I told him to widen his job search, thereby making it possible that if a job from Seattle or Portland or Michigan comes knocking, we have a good reason to get the hell outta Dodge. We’re both just weary of this constant series of setbacks.

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So…Snow..Again…and additional trauma Tuesday.

26 02 2008

Weather:  High– 34 degrees/ light snow

Woke up to an expected six inches of snow. Was out shoveling the drive at 5:10 ack em. Bri and I were up and out the door early to make sure we could navigate the treachery that is Hammond roads after a snow. (We pay the highest taxes in the region and have the worst snow removal and road salting records. OY!)
Needless to say, it was a very good plan. We made our train in spite of two freights trying to cut us off.

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Why yes, that would be bitterness. Just step over the puddle of venom there…

25 02 2008

Weather: High–34 degrees & Snow/Rain/Wind 

Haven’t even really started the day yet and things are already going into the lovely pit of despair.

Bri and I woke up with stuffed noses and watery eyes. Neither of which improved the “Oh Crap its MONDAY” mood.

Kitties are still treating each other with distrustful distance, but getting better. Snoots isn’t chasing Apache as much, and she seems to be less skittish around him. Maybe they’re FINALLY getting along? ::crosses fingers::

Boss is out of the office and already all the minions of hell brokers in my office are circling, trying to see if they can slip crap by me that my boss would kibosh. Seems like the amnesia’s kicking in. I’ve been here 5 years now and they seem to forget that I’m more mean and less likely to bend the rules for them than he is. Heh. Love being the baddie sometimes.

Working on Chapters 11 and 12 of the untitled story. (really have to rectify that!) and will probably print out some more of “Dark of the Mirror” in order to do some seriously brutal editing. SIGH. Really not a good idea to patch together old bits and new bits to make a story when some of the old bits are directly contradicting the new bits. DOUBLE SIGH.

Bri is retooling the Einini site to reflect more where we are going with it. Originally it was going to be focused on international writing systems and languages. Bri want’s to start gearing it up to reflect our as-yet-to-be-started business. We would like to eventually have an online store for purchasing organic and homeopathic lotions, soaps, medicinal teas and the like. We hope to be growing our own ingredients once we move and have the land to produce the stuff. (Like lavender, eucalyptus and other herbs, in case the DEA is snooping. No illegal stuff here. )

I’m gonna also have my own website hosted as a sub site of the Einini site. Hopefully there I can post some excerpts of my books and do some other blogging type things. This is all a work in progress. We’ll see how it goes.

Anyway– will post more later.

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Weekend Update

24 02 2008

Weather: Saturday & Sunday- upper 30s and Sunny both days. Woo!

Saturday was a rollercoaster. Up at 7:30 with two quite vocal demanding kitties, and thus the day started. After a lovely breakfast with the hubby and a bit of “what blowded up in the world” (our terms for watching the news in the morning), had a lengthy political discussion with my mum, which is always invigorating, or terrifying according to Brian. Oddly enough my pretty strictly conservative mother and my rather bedwetting liberal self are on the same side when it comes to the FALE that is our government. Bri went off and ran errands and I did some laundry. So far so sedate. We had made plans to go over to see our friends Lis and Tom for dinner– Duck a l’orange, no less! So we did a little house cleaning and then started to get ready. I dyed my hair again, just a few shades darker. So well coiffed and dressed, I was going to feed our cats, and thus headed downstairs to the basement. Well, that was my intent. Instead, my foot went out from under me at the top of stairs and down I went, bumpity bump, luckily landing 4 steps down on the landing before the full steps downstairs. Landed on my hip, and uncomfortably on my left hand. Nothing major, some bruises and a bit of a strain on my hand, and a nice blow to my pride. SIGH.

Luckily Snoots wasn’t right underfoot where he usually is, and escaped getting crushed under my tumbling mass. Nine lives, still intact.

Anyway, we ended up over at Lis & Tom’s until 2 ish, had a most enjoyable evening and slept like the dead once we got home.

Today, I bollocksed off to Meijers after breakfast, picked up a new bag for lugging my crap to work and a few odds and ends. Bri is suffering from the SINUS CONGESTION FROM HELL! And therefore is not exactly bouncing around with energy.

This evening, spent a bit of time shaving sweaters (Are you slitting your wrists now from the sheer mundaneness of this post?) and watching the 8th Doctor Who movie (the one that Fox broadcast starring Paul McGann) and Brian made a FANTASTIC dinner of fettucine noodles with tofu, arugala, shitake mushrooms and a sauce that included a ton of grated ginger and minced garlic! SOOOO GOOD!!

So now, I m reading live blogging of the Oscar’s while watching the Oscars. I’m kooky that way. Jon Stewart is KILLING! and I literally SHRIEKED when Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova won for “Falling Slowly” from Once. No, I haven’t seen the film yet (and I should be duly flogged for that) but of all the songs nominated, it was the only one I had any emotional connection to. I know Enchanted was a good film, but did it really deserve THREE songs to be nominated? I would rather have seen Eddie Vedder’s song from Into the Wild nominated in place of one of those Disney songs. Sorry. Too many years of bloated, overblown production numbers. Glad to see a simple, beautiful song won. Good on em.

Anyway– I’m off to prep the coffee and head off to bed with Grumpypants, who is still sniffling.

Fun week ahead. Boss is on vaca and I’m left minding the asylum. SIGH.

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Friday! My dear old friend!

22 02 2008

Weather: 26 Degrees and Cloudy

Friday FINALLY! This week has been made of fale all way round, between 3 hour train commutes and pulled back muscles and various work related drama.

SIGH. This weekend looks to be a melange of housecleaning and writing and getting some packages put together for people. Hopefully we can get ONE weekend that isn’t crap in the weather department.

I’m finding that Livejournal is again waning in interest for me. I spend more time at the communities than the journals. With a rare few exceptions, mind you. Maybe it’s just a sign that I’m getting to that age where I really am less interested in group input on my day to day life. ::shrugs:: There are a couple of people that I still read with any eagerness, but a lot of friends are also elsewhere and I’m finding I have a premium on free time anymore to keep up. Work is demanding a LOT of my focus now and there is less “goof off ” time than there was before. A large number of people who were on my original FList are either no longer in my life or have left LJ altogether. It’s the nature of things, I guess. I spend more time at the SD forum and in e-mail anyway.

On a totally OT note, last night’s LOST was made of AWESOME! Man have the writers’ been bringing out the big Plot guns lately! So many twists and I swear for the first time since Season 2 am I EXCITED about this show again. Sucks that I have to miss Supernatural because of the timing, but there’s always my good friend i-Tunes to make that up for me.

Torchwood has been made of WIN this season so far and I am practically panting for the new season of Doctor Who in April. New Top Gear eps on Monday- Squee! Sad that there is so little quality TV that even piques my interest lately.

On the movie tip, will probably finally plop down and watch “Daywatch” tonight from zee Netflix. It’s the sequel to “Nightwatch” which is fantastic in it’s own right. A Russian made vampire film, who’d a thunk? They even did CGI on the SUBTITLES for the film. And it’s a very unique take on the war between dark and light. LOVE this series. We also have The Namesake & The Island to watch. I want to get these watched and back since my queue has a bunch of films lined up I’m dying to see as well. (Across the Universe, Elizabeth: The Golden Age, 30 Days of Night…etc)

On the reading front, I’m still wading through “Lick of Frost” from the Merry Gentry series and have about a gajillion books on the back burner. I’ve ordered “Nevermore” -my friend Keith DeCandido’s Supernatural tie-in novel, which I hold vested interest in because I was a beta reader for the manuscript. 🙂

Music? I’m still all over the place there. Thanks to my lovely friend Jack, who exposed me to the crack that is Amiestreet , I am starting to get hooked on unsigned and newer bands. Been listening to the usual amounts of EBM (VNV! Ronan? Where’s the damn “Restoration” EP already???) and a lot of Brit Pop bands. Not much of a change in other words. Have Siouxsie’s Mantaray on order as well. Have heard two singles off it and loved them. Closer to Creatures stuff than Banshees.

Gearing up for Keith (see above) and Terri’s wedding in June in New York, although the funds are gonna be tight after we book the flight and hotel. Then there’s my sister’s wedding in October to still plan. Lots on the plate.

Snoots and Apache seem to have reached a sort of tentative detent, where Snoots will only chase her when her back is turned. :shakes head: I was kinda worried about him chasing her and, with her cataracts & arthritis & lack of claws, her getting hurt. Then after one particularly loud and boisterous romp around the basement, Snoots was carted off to time out and I went to check on Miss Apache, I was rather amused to see she had a tuft of grey hair in her mouth. Apparently she can still take care of herself.

Anyway–must go spend some time on the WIP novel and get some actual work done today. Database entry. Be still my heart.

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